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Why Do You Need Your Own Paid Domain and Hosting


It is a very common question why should one purchase a domain name when there are so many websites that offer free sub-domain name and hosting? There are many advantages of paid domain than having free sub domain and hosting for your websites not only for firms, companies, organizations and professional but also for those who are having websites to show their work or wish to put forward their views to the public. 


1) Using free web space means that you are not paying for it; hence it does not give a good impression of your company or your professional website. Rather it gives a, to some extent, negative impression. Being a firm, organization or professional, you cannot afford to give a bad impression even if you are starting your business or profession. It does not matter whether you are a small business company, non profit organization or just a new entrant of a profession, you cannot give impression to your potential customers, clients and suppliers that you are unable to afford to have your own domain and hosting, especially when it is so cheap in these days. So you need to have your own domain name and paid hosting for your website to give a right impression about you and your company.


2) You do not get free sub domain and hosting for your websites unless you agree to the terms of service of the service provider to run their advertisements. No need to say that they take the best top most place to run advertisements, which spoils the appearance of your website. You as a company or a professional would not like it that your website loses its appearance because appearance of your websites tells a lot about you and your firm.


3) By uploading your websites on free servers, you are indirectly source of generating income for them. You are using so much energy to popularize your website so why not your effort brings some monetary rewards directly to you, which, at least, meet some expenses of your paid domain name and hosting. Yes it is possible to make money through third party advertisements provided you have your own paid domain name and hosting. You do not need to go to find customers who are interested to run advertisement on your website; what you need to just sign online registration with the companies who pay you on ‘per click’ basis.  Remember: these companies do not allow you to run pay per click advertisements on free servers. You have to have your own paid domain name and hosting to sign up such online agreements. So if you have your own domain name and hosting, you can make around $20-50 per year even without putting a lot of efforts. Of course, you can make more money if your idea is good and able to generate high traffic on your website.


4) There are many online companies that open a store on your website only if you have your own domain name and hosting. They will process the credit cards and pay you whatever you earn through your website. Most of the companies even allow you to set your own price and margin of profit. They will provide you back-end support but your customers will never know that you are not owner of the store or service. This is very different to be an affiliate. This is not possible if you are running your website on the server of free hosting companies.   


4) Most of free sub-domain providers do not facilitate you to run interactive websites. Except a few, no free hosting companies give you access to have SQL database, which means you cannot implement your ideas freely. Even you might not be able to upload audio and video files if you are using free hosting services. Frankly speaking, you have very limited options to run a sophisticated websites. Moreover, you might need to look for other free service providers for the options such as a guest book, email account, email-forms, discussion board, support tickets etc., which means that your website must connect with more than one server that will increase loading time of your website. Mind it, people do not have so much time to wait to see your website if it is not appeared within a few seconds. See our hosting features that give you access to almost everything that a professional website needs.


5) Generally free hosting services do not give you access to options like FTP and visitors statistics. FTP access is very important because it is easy to upload, download and delete web pages from your administration area. It is also important to have access to statistics so that you know how many visitors and from where they are coming from. It tells you if you are really hitting your target market or not. It tells a rate of visit per day, month and year. It informs you about the keywords that are being used to find your websites through search engines and web directories. Just having a visitors counter does not reveal the whole story.


6) Free hosting companies do not allow you to have sub-domains. Sub-domains are different than having webpage extensions. Sub domains are important if you want to differentiate between two websites. You can set separate password and ftp access to each sub-domains from your main domain. We give this facility even if you purchase a 50 MB disk space from us.


7) Free service providers generally do not provide you email address that is directly associated with your sub-domain. Even if they provide, it will not be more than one email account. With paid domain hosting you have access to create more than one email account, which is very important. By using forwarding option, you can bring all emails from all accounts to one email account.   


8) Having your web space in “groups” is worse than to have free sub-domain. The reason is that that these groups demand from the visitors to become a member before accessing the group website, which many people do not like. It means that a large number of people will never know that you exist on the internet. If you are spending so much of your time on the group, you won’t like to miss visitors. Even if you have web pages for fun, still you want to have maximum visitors to view your website and your effort.



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