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Having your own website is great. It not only gives you opportunity to promote your major business but also it can become a great source of earning residual income. However, having your website is will not bring fruitful results until you have sufficient traffic on your website. Low traffic has following consequences:
  • If only a few people know about your website means your main business is not exposed to the world. And, if it is not properly exposed on the net further means that you are not getting customers through internet.
  • Low traffic also means that your ranking on the search engines is very low. Remember, it is not enough to write appropriate keywords and description that brings traffic to your website. You need to put in a lot of efforts to get the traffic on your website.
  • Low traffic means you hardly have any chance to earn residual money through ads even if you add code of Pay Per Click (PPC). You can well imagine when no one knows about your website then who can click the ads. Remember, being the owner of the website you are not allowed to click these ads. If you do so your account will be seized.  Similarly, no ad broker company will offer you to place ad on your website if your site is not attracting reasonable unique visitors and having backlinks. Generally, your website must have minimum PR 2 or more to get any direct advertisement.   
The crux of the above discussion is, you must increase traffic on your website and it is much better that it comes from different sources. To improve your Pager Rank you must have sufficient backlinks that directing it to your website.
What To Do!
The simple answer is to put in more efforts, if you are not interested to spend money, to give the required popularity to your website. You can improve traffic and pager rank (PR) by adopting the following activities. 
  1. Submit to Search Engines (Listing can take 2-3 months)
  2. Submit internet Directories (free site Listing can take 1-4 months)
  3. Submit to Online Bookmarking Websites. (Immediate listing)
  4. Join Social Networking Sites (Immediate listing but need to make friends)
  5. Join Banner Exchange (immediate exchange of sites)
  6. Classified ads of about your services and products.
  7. Join the Forums (immediate listing)
  8. Join Traffic Exchange websites (Immediate exchange of sites) However either you have to buy points or view other sites to earn free credits)
  9. Submit Articles (Quite time consuming)
  10. Publish Website Reviews
 Time Consuming
and I don't have so much time to spend
Yes, we do understand that entreprenuers and small business owners do not have so much time to spend on these tiring activities.
Outsource Website Promotion
If you don't have time or/and energies to sit for hours and submit information to various sites, you can hire our services and we submit information that you provide to us. What  do we do?
  • Honestly and sincerely promote your website
  • Dedicate a person(s) as agreed to promote your site
  • All manual submissions to make sure that your website gets the right exposure
  • Mutually discuss the strategies that we should follow
  • At the end of the project, we send you executive summary of the activities that we have followed.
  • Remember: Our 1 day activity can bring fruitful results for months. 

Free Bonus
We give value to your money

  • All customers can link a full page review for 6 months to the site of Corporate Management Solutions site which costs $125.
  • All customers get 5 links for 3 months which cost $150 per month.  
Our Charges
  • We charge on daily basis per person.
  • Daily charges $150 based on 8 hours work.
  • $75 writing Review for your website (if you have not already written)
  • $ 25 writing classified ad (if you have not already written)


  •  No fear of long term contract
  • You can hire services only for 8 hours

Method of Payment:
  • We send you bill through Paypal, Alertpay or Moneybookers.
  • You can also pay by Western Union.
Terms of Service
  • REMEMBER: We are only charging money for the time that our promotion officer is spending thus we only submit your website to the free sites.
  • We always take good care of that your site is not rejected by the 3rd party however we do not take responsibility if it is rejected by the 3rd party.

 Do you have a questions send us email or fill out the form

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